Topic outline

  • DeFi 101 for Beginners: Knowing the Basics of Decentralized Finance

    by Melissa Mesias

    DeFi 101 for Beginners


    This is an introductory course about the fundamental elements of decentralized finance.


    • What is DeFi?

    • What is a decentralized application?

    • What is a smart contract?

    • What are the use cases of DeFi?

    • What are the differences between DeFi and a traditional financial system?

    • What are the advantages of DeFi?

    • What are the disadvantages of DeFi?

      SparkLearn Mentor Profile

    Melissa Mesias is a multimedia artist who specializes in media content development specifically writing, layout, and marketing for four years. Moreover, she taught subjects like Information and Communications Technology, Communication and Media Studies, Advertising, and Journalism.