Topic outline

  • Financial Literacy 101: How Banks Work

    by Quennie Naño-Zuñiga

    Financial Literacy 101: How Banks Work


    This is an introductory course about how banks work. 


    • What is a bank?
    • What are the types of banks and how are they classified?
    • How does a bank work? 
    • What are the products and services offered by banks?
    • What is expected from banks in the future?

    Course Content Creator Profile

    Quennie Naño-Zuñiga is a seasoned trainer, leader, and manager with expertise in the various facets of Human Resource Development. She has 15 years of experience in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Retail Banking, Brokerage Services, and Human Resource Solutions. Aside from that, Quennie specializes in learning and development, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and recognition.